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My wife and I are in recovery from a dead bedroom, but neither one of us has much experience in the bedroom. I feel like a virgin in some ways. It makes initiating sex very difficult and awkward, the fear of rejection is very real. Advice (besides just go for it)?

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If you submit a mail in ballot and get notified that it didn't count for some reason, can you just choose to vote in person instead (in States with or without a curing option)? Or are you stuck with mail in voting once you start that process?

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My guess would be that since you look at so many flights, destinations/departure points, and airports every day that your targeted searching data/cookies has reached something off a saturation point where there's no discernable patterns with which the advertising algorithms can customize your results. You look everywhere, so to the algorithm, you're the same as someone who hasn't looked anywhere. (Disclaimer, I'm a lay person not an expert so who knows?).

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If somehow the nomination doesn't go through until after the election, do you foresee any GOP senators crossing lines to the "No" side after their elections have already been decided? I'm operating under the assumption that the vote is being pushed before the election so that no one goes renegade after they've already lost their race or already guaranteed their next 6 years and don't have to worry about it.