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Our country has become so divided and polarized. So many people just want to attack or blame the other side, not realizing that both Rs and Ds use exactly the same techniques to distract and anger each other, avoiding any mention that it's the corrupting effects of money in the system that is at the root of all problems, and that nothing gets fixed until that aspect gets fixed. What materials (like YouTube explainer videos) or techniques do you recommend to help people understand that their partisan preferences are getting in the way of seeing the bigger picture? How can we help people understand that it's not the "evilness" of the other side that is the issue, but rather the system that rewards these conflicts that is the problem?

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It sounds like the State Attorney General is part of the problem that you mentioned that is going to get worse as Represent.Us gains momentum -- that the powers that be that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, will actively work to thwart Represent.us' mission.