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I know that brain is flexible so it develops itself to be able to process that information fairly easily [at least for our humans].

How do they develop computer algorithms that can receive signals and get meaning out of it? [does our brain also send signals to your computers?]

I need some insights or ideas to understand that concept.

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Namaste! From India. I've read all your answers and I think you're great inspiration to someone. This questions are odd, but. 1. What would you tell to people who think you're great, you're god to people & none could have done it but you? 2. Would you love that honour to become so called inspiration model or just want to be treated like everyone else? 3. Would you feel overwhelmed thinking about how people would tell your stories to kids?

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Tell me about polyphasic sleep patterns. It makes sense until biphasic sleep but it gets crazy after that. Is it just internet rumor?