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Please eat a verification donut to continue

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In my opinion, we can't tackle Immigration reform until we stop people getting here illegally. There's no rush to bring in new people legally when much more people are coming in illegally.

It's sort of a catch 22 where we won't reform immigration until they stop pouring in and they won't stop pouring in until they can come here legally. It's truly a cluster-fuck.

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I don't have anything to contribute, just want to pat you on the back for your good reasoning skills

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To me it's more that we need to actually lock the door to begin with and fix the door bell!

I'm 100% for tackling illegal immigration. It's a leach on our country. I just also think that people should have an easier process to come here legally. Truthfully, most countries streamline the process for those who have a trade to offer so why not start there. Let's stop letting criminals come in illegally and focus on letting people come here who will work, pay taxes, and maybe one day create jobs.

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I know I'm super late but just in case you check back.

With current technology how long would it take to deliver a small payload to Mars? How long did it take Curiosity to make it to Mars?