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my dad has the same machine but he never wears the damn thing. he has a problem where he wakes up 4-5 times an hour because of him not breathing. he said it was something like 20 times a minute where he stops breathing. so then he falls asleep throughout the day when he sits down all the dam time. he spent over a grand on the machine. any tips on getting the idiot to wear the thing?

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its been sitting unused for 3 years. its a resmed elite s8 with a humidaire 3i what ever that means. he has like 4 different masks and he said he doesn't like any of them and he said he doesn't need to use it because he is better but the guy can't go about 10 minutes if he sits down without falling asleep if he is not in his car. to come to think of it i don't think he has ever used the thing.ive tried and tried to get him to use it

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my father is on dialysis and he's like a zombie, and being 52 years old does not help either. at the moment he is not working as all he does is sleep all day and if you leave him in a chair he will fall asleep instantly. i know he goes 3 times a week for 4 hours via a tube in his chest then to his new fistula. he was good for two years then relapsed about 6 months ago where his kidneys only work at about 10 percent. i dont know what to do to help him, he was making 200k 3 years before and now nothing it has made him quite depressed. im not sure how to chear him up and to get him motivated to do a job even if its minimum wage.

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how much did the hospital stay cost you?