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I mean, at least he was nice about it.

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I hope you are using a throwaway account, having interned in the House, I doubt it would be good for them to see this (unlikely they would. but always better to be safe than sorry)

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Hey /u/ConstitutionalLawyer , thank you very much for answering our questions this morning / afternoon!

With the Supreme Court declaring DOMA Unconstitutional, what does this mean for Same-Sex Couples who have been married in states where Same-Sex Marriage is legal but live in states where it is illegal? Are they still covered by the Federal Benefits? Also, if someone who lived in a state where Same-Sex Marriage was not legal (such as North Carolina), could they travel to a state such as California or Massachusetts and get married? (And again, how would they be seen in the eyes of a state where Same-Sex Marriage is not legal?)

Thank you very much!

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Thank you for the quick reply! - one last question, if you live in a state where Same-Sex Marriage is Illegal, you would still receive federal benefits, correct?

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Fellow DC redditor hello!

AU student here.

Nothing super important. So my question: What's your favourite place to eat around Capitol Hill?

Enjoy Longworth! If I was in the area I'd stop by and say hello!