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My voice is my passport. Verify Me.

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Because it has been and always will be the average user/consumer that gets screwed in the deal. It causes incompatibilities, increased use of resources and (not exactly applicable to this usage) issues with being able to use and store legally purchased/licensed media, potentially losing said media when a system or device is replaced and the DRM causes problems on backup devices or original purchase records are gone or the company no longer supports it.

Pirates don't have that problem, just the casual "honest" user.

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I think your differing views is probably what led to one of my favorite things with your riffing. When you guys are together, any political riffs feel lighthearted and humorous. I've noticed a lot of other riffers do more political commentary and it is often just cruel and preachy. They assume they are preaching to their choir and don't even try to make the riffs funny.

Edit: Just to hijack my own comment, since I'll probably never have the opportunity to say this to you elsewhere, thank you for all the years of entertainment. You've touched the world in more than just naughty ways, thanks!

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What is your preferred method, when you pass how would you like your remains handled? Is there anything that is typical that you just find stupid, pointless, commercial, etc?

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Have you seen Six Feet Under, and if so, what did you think of it?