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Do you ever pick up hitch-hikers? Are you allowed to have company in the cabin?

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Hey bro!

Just wanted to ask if this was your first time to Japan. If so, what part about living in Japan disappoints you the most? I'm not taking about, I can't get a certain type of bread or sweet etc. More culture, environment etc.

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Thanks for answering with such depth. I just spent three weeks travelling Japan and I was completely enamoured by the people and how everything ran so smoothly (I'm a stickler for punctuality and the Shinkansen network really blew me away). Only after I left did I started reading up on Japan did I get a hint of the things you're talking about. It's hard to gauge a culture in only three weeks. Especially with a language barrier (Most Japanese seemed too shy to use their english!). Do any Japanese you know of feel the same way as you? have you asked or talked to anyone about it?

Also, two extra things. I'm reading a book by Alex Kerr called 'Dogs and Demons, the fall of modern Japan. It talks about a lot of similar themes you mentioned. If you've read it, care to comment?

Also, there was a documentary made by an old lecturer of mine about individuals not fitting in to the structure of the 'Japanese way' and the consequences. This guy named Tanaka-San refused to do calisthenic exercises at his company 20 years ago and was fired for it. He has protested outside the grounds of his old company every day since to raise awareness of those issues you talked about. (I'm actually about to watch it for the first time now!)

here is the link if you're interested (Whole film)


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Man that's awesome. I know you don't do Jazz much, but this one is my favourite tune!


Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis

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Question time!

Tea is to England as Coffee is to _______?

There are at least 100 countries that take that spot before good ol, USA