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just a simple smile

Yes you did mention in another post that you haven't flown since the mask mandate! But I guess we've all been practicing smiling with our eyes.

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Seconded. I'm always impressed with how balanced everything is, not just guns vs guns or perks vs perks but considering different combinations of all of these things. That's some excellent planning and foresight and so, well done.

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Hi Erin and Quentin! I've been waiting for this AMA because really, The Last of Us is one of the best, most well-balanced multiplayer games that I think I've ever played, honestly. So thank you!

Anyways, I've got somewhat of a hopeful suggestion. I'd like to see a limit on Interrogation so that low level players can't enter the gametype. If they don't know the maps, don't know the weapons, and don't understand the flow of the game, on top of not knowing the gametype, it often leads to the low-level players ambling around the wrong side of the map while the lockbox is being attacked. Which, as you can guess, is a huge setback for the team.

Even if it only limited players level 0-4, I think that would take some of the edge off so to speak. Is this something that has ever been discussed, and do you think it could be a possibility?

Again, thanks so much for the FANTASTIC multiplayer experience and for taking the time to do this AMA!!

(Edited to say hi to Quentin! Got so excited at the AMA I barely read the title!)

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Just want to say that I appreciate the caution around that weapon. When I first saw it I was surprised and nervous. In game it ended up being not as bad as it seemed on paper, but time will tell how it works into the meta.

Better to be cautious at first and have it be underpowered than having a negative impact on the game from the get go.

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One detail that great multiplayer games seem to utilize is effective lines of sight. The first game I noticed that did this very well was Black Ops, but then TLoU seemed to take it to a whole new level and it always impresses me.

Obviously these things don't just happen by accident. Would you have anything to say on the development process and how you think about map characteristics and object placement to create lines of sight that alter the game and ultimately make or break plays?