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This is completely true. Which makes this disease that much more different. As it is able to affect every facet of the human body. You see the job of the mitochondria are to provide the human body energy. They do this by creating ATP. Since all parts of the body need energy, patients with Mitochondrial Disease can have parts of their body shutdown. I have friends with Mitochondrial Disease whose digestive system has shut down. Also most patient's body are not properly able to regulate body temperatures. For example I can overheat in a 50 degree Fahrenheit room if I'm under a light.

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Not really, I've had some really religious people tell me to pray the disease away. Which pissed me off so much. This reminds me of when Russell Wilson said that miracle water prevented him from getting concussions. It honestly pisses me off when people don't vaccinate children or don't seek medical attention. Don't put other children at risk because of your decisions.

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+1, I've been waiting for this question. So this is one of the reasons I chose Virtual school. I still can feel the affects of my Sunday 1 hour basketball game on Wednesday. And my Thursday Basketball practice on Sunday. I can get fatigued very easily but I chose air conditioned sports which helped with the heat intolerance. But it affects me much differently, I cannot go out with friends after a game because I have to go home and just rest and allow my body to deal with what just happened. When I was in a brick and mortar school, I would use a wheelchair to get around to save energy, and I couldn't do anything on the weekends in fear of missing the whole week of school. I probably missed 2-3 days of school a week and was late every day.

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I have not read it, and haven't heard about it. I have been looking for some new books to read so I might pick it up. Thanks for the suggestion. How would you rate the book, and how does it approach the topic of Mitochondrial Disease

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Not that I or any of my family knows of. There are many theories on inheritance, I do not actually know which one is true, I'll list some. Mitochondrial disease can be passed on only if BOTH the mother and father are “carriers”. This means that they carry the mutated gene, but not the disease – so they don’t have any symptoms. This is called autosomal recessive inheritance. I believe this is the most likely way that I got mitochondrial disease. But if it is strictly maternal I wouldn't be disappointed, knowing that I couldn't pass it onto future generations. Also it can be a sporadic mutation in a gene without past family history.