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I'm going to guess he stepped on a landmine there.

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Thanks for the AMA. My question may seem a bit provocative, but I need to take this opportunity to ask this.

This fact from the "Did You Know? Gaming" YouTube channel had a fact that had my immediate attention. In Deus Ex, the graphics and disc space limitations of the time resulted in the removal of the World Trade Center from the city skyline in the game. At that time, the missing buildings were attributed to a terrorist attack in the game universe. The 9/11 attacks would take place a little more than a year later.

Did you know about this graphics issue when the game was under development and permit this explanation to be made official? Secondly, how did you react when the attacks actually happened on 9/11?

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Has there been a time when you guys were put into a panic by the sudden emergence of a new virus/worm/trojan that Kaspersky software was not prepared to protect against at the time?

(Just for an example, the WannaCry fiasco comes to mind as something that many in the industry were caught off guard by and scrambled to find a fix for.)

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Thank you for giving your time to do this AMA. I have three questions in particular I would like to have answered for a discussion in my current affairs class.

What is the Israeli view of the conflict with Palestine, the rocket attack victims aside?

Why are there "walls" surrounding the Gaza Strip?

What is the purpose of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank?

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I didn't think that someone just outright forgot to put it in.

Was it just too late in development to go back and put it in? Or was it just not simple to have the ability to do at that time, with what graphic designers and artists had available at the time tech-wise?