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Not my story - but a friend of mine who got a fine art degree tells a story about a male nude model his class drew who sported a raging erection for the first half of a session. Disappeared into the bathroom during break and returned with a drooping and DRIPPING penis for the second half of the class. My friend (now a tattoo artist) says he worked extra hard to get the long hanging strings just right.

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EDIT - TIL - lots of people seem to like it when I talk about sticky dicks. Two of my higher rated posts are on this same subject. - My own sticky dick is here.

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Maybe reading into it, but those three dots seem like the saddest dots in the world. Of course if there is a "surgery went well"moment, then there is also the opposite. You are amazing sir, glad someone has the strength to do what you do.

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What do you personally eat? (and becuase that may be too oepn ended for a useful answer,..)

1) What do you never eat? 2) What do you still eat that you personally think you shouldn't? 3) I believe you have said in interviews that you have a wife and son; does your child ever eat McDonalds-type junk food? Candy? 4) Not sure your child's age; but what challenges have you had with school and school-provided snacks and food?

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Lost 30 lb myself - now at "perfect weight" and loving the new-found energy. Loving life!

Who else has a weight loss story to add?

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An associate who is an Alzheimer's researcher told me that the "type three diabetes" phrasing completely misunderstands the underlying causes and effects of both diabetes and Alzheimer's. Is he right? Diabetes is tied to insulin and some current theories point to inflammation as a prime cause of Alzheimer's. Both might be tied to sugar (for example) but it would be quite a different pathway to the result wouldn't it?