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I have to confess..at 30 years old...Arthur still comes on..and when it does..my oldest yell. "Mom. Arthur is gonna come on"...i proceed to put whatever im doing down and run to the couch with the same excitement i had all those years ago..

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OmAWfucking GOD!...I FUCKING LOVED THIS SHOW! me and the girls at school would have wars about who was cuter...you or the mushroom guy!...jared?...the white guy with the bowl cut?...either way im a huge fan!...i just had flashbacks of doing the activities u guys showed on there...the cooking recipes were my favorite!... i wish my sons could have experienced watching the show =[....anyways..

How was your overall experience as a latino on that show...?

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As you should be...because as a latina that grew up in a mainly Latino neighborhood...you were the representation, we as kids looked up to. We knew that if Pablo was on ZOOM...all of the rest of us could be on T.V . Thank you so much for this AMA.

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Whats the scariest discovery you've made?...