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Did you think about trying to fund future episodes through something like patreon? I've wondered if that could be a way for niche TV shows to survive without a network.

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Good point. If I ever got to that point I think I'd love to be able to stay independent, just so a studio wouldn't be able to demand changes to the show or cancel it if it wasn't meeting their viewership criteria. Probably make less that way, but what's creative freedom worth?

Will def watch the show!

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Haha, so it's a platform where fans can pledge you a certain amount of money per month, like say $1-$5. So sort of like indiegogo or kickstarter, but it's ongoing funding, and you'd promise them content each month, like to put out an episode a month or whatever. It seems like with advertising you need hundreds of thousand or millions of views to be able to stay afloat, but if you had a dedicated fan-base (like 10,000 or whatever) willing to pay a few bucks a month, I'm wondering if it would be enough to survive as an independent show that wouldn't need to be greenlit by any networks. Anyway, that's something I hope to try one day! Congrats on making the show, I'm sure it was awesome and also incredibly frustrating, and good luck with whatever you make next!