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That kid will never forget that. :)

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This is also done to feel if there is someone moving in the vehicle that cannot be seen.

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That should be addressed. I know of a situation where dispatching was done in the department in a small town. Crazed man with a gun came in and took dispatch hostage. Officers individually came in to check why there was no radio traffic. They we then taken hostage. It was a little while before somebody with another realized there were so many police cars in the parking lot and the radio was dead and pieced together what happened. This was years ago but still a threat today with small departments who have 911 dispatch in house.

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He sounds amazing!! Really special! I'm glad he was there for you.

I have freaked out in the tube before. My last MRI/MRA/MRV was in an open machine. This place allowed someone back with you. My husband and the tech both had to calm me down more than once. I had plenty of meds, too, but I still had a really hard time. I'm terrified of feeling trapped (no fear of tight spaces, just not being able to escape if I need to - 15 years ago I was in a wreck and couldn't get out for what seemed like ages but witnesses said it was only seconds) and I have some kidney issues that cause excruciating pain during things like IV contrast.

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Ah! I remember my salesman telling me that but I never connected it to the crayon smell. There's worse things a car could smell like...