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I'm a congenital amputee as well. I know it doesn't compare to having your legs blown off in an explosion...but life goes on. I can do any and everything an able-bodied person can...it just takes some improvising. Ride a bike, skateboard, drive a car, run, jump, and be silly. Ladies are a bit of a downer...but even then, you will find the ones that dig you for you --- and not for the fact you don't have legs. Just stay strong, and thank god you are alive and kickin', and still have a functional brain. :)

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i have yet to witness this...haha

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a freak accident is not hindsight.

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thats a dumb question. you don't join the army expecting to lose your legs...and you can't put a worth on limbs or life. That's like me saying to you...was it worth getting into your car the morning of the 15th when you had to go to work...but someone crashed into you and now you're paralyzed.

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Agreed. People starring is the worst. After a while you come to ignore it. However, only the really ignorant stare the hardest. Wearing jeans helps conceal it.