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Hey! Great job on the documentary! Here's a benefit of developing a social good in the Midwest: higher rates of volunteerism. Iowa ranks third in the U.S. at 38% while the national average is 26.8%. (See http://www.volunteeringinamerica.gov/rankings.cfm )

For our nonprofit "Internet in a Box" project, this translated into 18,000 hours of volunteer time.

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Great! And then we're encouraging young IT techs in Africa and India to volunteer in their communities as well. It's amazing to see what people can do with a little training and a lot of zeal!

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We've had requests to remove content some find objectionable. But we don't (unless it's clearly pornographic or incendiary without educational merit.)

On the other hand, we've coached some customers on how to remove content from their own copy of the eGranary. We don't want to impose our will on those who have different sensibilities.

That being said, I can only recall three times when someone went so far as to delete content... and two instances were at U.S. prisons where gangs and pedophilia were issues.