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missbrenna8 karma

Hi Prudvi! I have read through so many threads of people discussing how they use TO L-AA powder, and others telling them they are doing it wrong. It makes sense that you would need to use something water soluble and pH test, but I see so many people saying they just mix 1/2 spoon with a random moisturizer or serum and see results. I also used to use the hugely overpriced Philosophy Turbo C powder (same thing basically) way way back in the day, mixed with a water-based serum or my moisturizer, and I really thought it was effective but maybe it was a placebo effect.

Can I just mix it with NMF or would improper pH render it useless? If I make a cocktail of a couple drops of the Ferulic/resveratrol, a few drops of my hada labo HA serum, and 1/2 scoop of the powder, will it be effective without buying pH strips?

And one more follow-up, if I can mix it with an HA serum or NMF, can I then still apply to damp skin as I regularly would with these products, or does my skin need to be dry? Would the L-AA concoction need to be the first thing applied to my skin OR could I do my HA serum to damp skin, and THEN the NMF mixed with the L-AA powder?

Thank you so much for your time!

missbrenna4 karma

Thanks so much for responding. I want to mix a single-use amount each morning, not mixed with water but either with NMF or a hyaluronic acid serum. Should I be concerned with pH?