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I've lost a lot of time with the upbringing of my daughter. She was basically 2 when I had my first surgery, and... well... I'm sure she sensed something was different with her dad. My wife is also Russian, so as she wasn't speaking much English, we didn't communicate as much as I would've liked. I really love her and hope for the best, but it isn't easy.

She's 4 now and definitely not able to understand it. She knows her dad had an operation on his brain and it affected him a lot. That's about it. She doesn't get the severity of it being back again, unfortunately :(

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I speak beginner / intermediate Russian. It’s a hard language.

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Still a little bit in denial. Found out about re-occurrence last week, and haven't been sleeping well. Bringing back some trauma of my first hospital stay, which was agonizing. I'm very anxious to meet with my fantastic neurosurgeon soon.

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Thank you.

My earliest symptoms were I had an episode where my whole left field of vision went black for maybe an hour. Likely tumor pushing on my rain. Then months later, when I would be trying to fall asleep, I would have seizures. The re-occurrence was caught on a routine 6-month MRI.

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High quality coffee and/or marijuana lol