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Can you really live out of this or do any of you have other sources of income?

How do you get clients for this? I can understand if you have been in business you probably are kind of known by now but how did you manage to get the first clients?

How do you advertise your business? (Other than doing this AMA)

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Really cool! Thank you for your answers and I wish you the best with this.

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As an iOs dev since 2009 I have some questions:

  • How do you do marketing for your apps? How much do you invest on that?
  • How many times were you featured on the AppStore? Were there other things that helped with the visibility of your apps?
  • Did you started selling paid apps and then changed to free with in-app purchases or went for that last model directly?
  • How do you get inspiration for new apps? ;)


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Hi there! I am doing the same as you but in Europe and for only 2 years. I am about to launch our first game. This AMA has been very interesting to read as we do things similarly too.

How do you manage the projects? Do you use Jira or something like that? What other software do you use for the projects?

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Learn about good code practices and design patterns :) Always have an open mind and ask for code reviews to other senior programmers. That is going to help a lot in getting better and better