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This is what bothers me a great deal; the gap between scientific consensus and general population beliefs/understandings. It's not just seen here with GMOs but in a lot of areas. I think part of the problem is from scientists not conveying their results and conclusions well enough, and also the small group that has something to gain from discrediting the work. I know people like to hate and shit all over Monsanto, and for Agent Orange I get it, but they've done some great things in breeding, research, and otherwise that has greatly benefitted farmers.

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This may be different than a lot of other questions, but it's about medical school. I'm currently a grad student working on my PhD. I didn't have the best grades as an undergrad so I want accepted into med school. All my test scores and were at least 90th percentile but it was those damn grades. So you think getting this PhD will help in getting into med school or probably not? My mother had cancer when I was 15 so since I've been really wanting to do oncology.

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Either way, good for you. I hope you enjoy it. The thing that sucks is the more you know, the less you know you know. I'd enjoy listening about what aspect of oncology you're working on. Good luck!

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I said part of it is from the miscommunication and discrediting, but you're right that another part is sheer failure to acknowledge facts due to personal beliefs even when said facts are validated several times over by independent scientists and even independent methods.

It's interesting to see individuals who will hold on to what they believe, e.g. a political or philosophical point of view, even when evidence chips away at those beliefs. People are allowed to be wrong and to learn and grow as individuals. If you learn new information about something, your opinion is allowed to change. Those that feel like someone who brings forward different information is attacking them need to take a step back. My parents are like this. Because I say something that doesn't align with their point of view makes me stupid, uninformed, etc. (being in my career most of the information I come by is from scientific literature), when in reality it's them who are uninformed/misinformed and seemingly by choice (single source Fox news).

The correct thing to do in those situations is to listen. People are too fragile when their viewpoints are jeopardized but they should be appreciative because it means that there is a chance their previous viewpoints weren't all that correct.