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The other two don't? Hell, I feel guilty for having watched. That was horrible.

Was it already ten years ago? Damn.

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In addition they do a shadow at a call center hearing customer complaints (they don't answer the phone, but just listen).

Amazon is really customer focused. It's important the execs, even those not on the retail side, keep it in mind.

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That was one of the creepiest things ever. Being outside (Chapel Hill, NC) with NO aircraft noises. None. And knowing it was like that all over the country.

Now I live between two flight paths. Final approach to KSEA from the north is to my east, KBFI is to my west. If they went quiet.... I actually get worried that I've missed something big like 9/11 when I don't hear a plane often enough.

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Just want to say, volunteers are on reddit as well.

Source: hello! I’m a common cause volunteer and I watch reddit during my shifts. It’s far less common, but those of us who know Reddit want to protect our communities as best we can as well.

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In this day and age that is wonderful.

I just rewatched Monsters, Inc. again this week. Boo is such a lovable little kid.

I'm mostly just amazed her parents never noticed her missing for a full day, and she only had to potty once.