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Fuck it! even though the whole needles thing (and esp the pipe in your neck!) gives me the heebeejeebes, I'm gonna sign up tonight. I have never given blood (needles again), but I guess if its just a swab in your mouth initially, then I can deal with needles later. Good job on donating and for getting me to sign up!

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Finished! I should be getting my swabs in 2 weeks!

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It may be vile, but it is important for providing context. To me, showing the "modern" facade of Pyongyang proves that the Kims are capable of providing a reasonable standard of living (even if just for the sake of appearance). When compared to the awful loving conditions of the common folk of North Korea it provides objective proof that the Kims have malicious intent to keep the majority of the country in poverty. I think the film maker is deluding himself by claiming not to be part of North Korea's propaganda machine, but his work is important because it shows the true magnitude of the suppression of the North Korean people.