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You're in Texas, right?

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Do you feel you're entitled to stay? Do you feel you've wronged the immigration system, or the system has wronged you?

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Can I add to this? I've escaped a terrible manager before, and here's what I've found works best:

I've found that energy used to fix the problem is far better spent than energy used to assign blame. So often I'll take the blame as I present the issue. It gets the manager off the defense, and more interested in solving the problem.

"Shitty owner, I'm having a rough time with this no-manager thing. When I'm doing this or that as a manager, I'm basically filling in for a position at less than minimum wage, which craps me out, and leads to worse service. Can you step in for the manager duties, or get us an actual manager?"

Is the problem worth quitting over? If so, then stress-be-gone!!! Now you can have a conversation without fear about what happens to your job.

"Shitty owner, this really isn't working like this for me. If I keep having to do manager duties without being a manager, I'm afraid I may have to look for a new job. Is this something we can fix?"

Keep Shitty owner from getting defensive, present it as, "Here's what's best for the restaurant," and good luck!

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A friend of mine has a PhD in Toxicology from Berkeley specifying in flame retardant, and I'm assuming you went to the same seminars she did. From what she told me, these seminars were not educational, but flat out propaganda (my opinion, not hers).

They claimed (according to her):

  • Literally the only reason flame retardants are in CA furniture is because of greedy corporations lobbying.

  • Flame retardants don't slow fires (which is absolutely, idiotically ridiculous...thank you spell check)

  • "Studies show how dangerous PBDE's are", even though at the time the only study done had been on 50 pregnant Mexican women in Salinas, and no health concerns or birth defects were found

  • The head of the National Fire Dept claimed they should be banned (actually he claimed they should be in children's pajamas)

  • The law states the retardants have to slow a fire by 12 seconds (so he claimed they slow fires but don't slow fires).

etc, etc.

So, what are you using to back up your facts, and what data do you have to back up your claims?

EDIT: Sorry I think I meant PBDE's (not PTSB's)

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It can take as little as 90 seconds for a dropped cigarette on a couch to engulf a living room. Yeah, I wouldn't mind an extra 13% worth of time.

Speaking of which, what were the numbers of deaths before retardants?