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Simply put, how optimistic are you that the Trump Administration can, and will, produce a better solution?

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ahh memories. sort of.

When I was 18 I was an idiot. i went to prison for, of all things, writing bad checks. not forgery, it was my account. for a grand total of 643.00 but since it was multiple checks I was prosecuted for a felony. Writing bad checks as part of a common scheme.. Was chosen to go to a special forest camp where we trained to, and later became firefighters for the forest. We were still inmates, we were just housed at a prison forest camp in swan lake montana (near kalispell)

The best of our claseses ended up being hot shot sawyers.

we risked our lives day in and day out on forest fires throughout montana.

for $2.35 per day, and we were considered lucky because regular inmates with jobs made $0.85 cents per day.

this was in 1986

and I will say, that whole mess probably saved my life. I haven't had as much as a speeding ticket since then

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Man I really hope things turn around for you, but I have to admit, the person with the numbered list made a LOT of very good points, and frankly, I'm not sure how you can figure you've got what it takes in business when you tried and failed on an astronomical level when considering the things that you listed were all 100% self imposed.

I don't wish bad on anyone, and i can definitely respect not giving up, but man there's something to be said for apprenticeships, and journeymen, and they're financially distant for a very good reason.

Did you honestly study the failure rate of the food industry? it's among the highest in all of business.

Finally, if you were broke in less than 6 months, i find it hard to believe you were making that great of money, or you're absolutely the worst financial manger ever. not even enough capital and savings to survive a year?

Whatever the case, you definitely have the stubbornness down, and aren't afraid to go balls out. Those things could really escalate you if you find yourself in the right industry, but there's something to be said for planning and common sense which seem to be the majority of the failure here.

I hope the best for you, and the great thing about this country is you'll get other chances.

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thnk GOD someone explains these things.

as a network engineer then project manager in IT infrastructure I also owned the first game server rental company on the web (then sold the company). People do not understand networking and frequently learn little bits then complain with the wrong knowledge. This is one BIG reason we sold off the business.

The biggest problem is communication to CUSTOMERS IMO. people learn small fragments of things like networking and think they know what the problems are but are frequently 180 degrees off.

it's not theirn fault, they're using the knowledge they have, but there is a lot more to it than amps and distance to the CO, BGP routing, peering points, upstream providers etc

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no offense but you're asking for, and considering advice from the person that wrote this thread? are you serious?