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And remember...if you're making a pot pie, roast your chicken, don't just buy one at the store. You can use the drippings to make the roux to thicken the stock you cooked the taters and carrots in :) Roast chickens are quite versatile (and don't taste like the shitty mealy nasty chicken you get on most salads).

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Hey Mike,

Are you going to write more like "Mind Over Matters"? Love your work, of course.

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This is a little too broad of a brush. Charter schools are individual schools. Some do well. Some do poorly....so i apologize for the brush i'm about to use. Charter schools tend to perform well in elementary education for english and middle school for math. They tend to underperform high schools for english and math. Stanford did a really interesting study on charter performance 5 or so years ago. Check out the 2009 CREDO study. Their summary was 17% of charter schools performed better while 37% were worse.