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Young Viper back on the account than.

So please follow up AMA:

I am Young Viper aka Lil'snakey, son of Viper.

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Addicted newborns detox completely in the hospital. They are "clean" once released.

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Sweet. Did you get to meet any of your dads gladbros? If yes how were they?

Do you have pictures of you and the gang?

Any cool memorabilia in the house?

Thanks Young Viper

mindless252 karma

You should do an AMA about teaching celebs about the ALLMIGHTY AND SACRED USE OF THE: *drums* INTERNET!!!

mindless251 karma

Yeah i figured hes quite busy. Sad hes not keeping up with the gang though!

A right gotta look for them pics than. (taking bout the gladiadtor gang ofcourse)

Thats awesome, havve you dressed up in some of the uniforms for halloween?