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Lots of ankle and lots of bare shoulders πŸ˜‰

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Not a guy but I've filmed with some guys that had a hard time uh... holding it in 😜 Usually they just think about something super unsexy like their grandma or math hw. I had a guy put airpods in and listen to a Minecraft podcast while he fucked me LOL

If they pop early and they can't get it up again, we either take some time to recharge or fake it 'til we make it 😎

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We tried to keep the sex scenes within the period as well :) πŸ’• there’s no anal, legs-behind-the-head, or step bros/step dukes. You can check out the first episode and see for yourself! :D

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Spread your arrival over my soft bosom bb

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heehee you should watch the first episode to find out 😝😝