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What kinds of work does the most damage, both short term and long term?

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Now that some of the restrictions are being tentatively lifted on neurological research using hallucinogens in the US, what sorts of experiments would you like to see conducted?

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Are there any companies or corporations out there that are treating their employees right, given this understanding of the toxic effects of work itself?

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Actually, I found an audio recording of the interview:


So that's how the rumor got started. By Peter Matthiessen stating facts in no uncertain terms and being ashamed of these facts.

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What is the deal with this recent article about Mark Millar?


It is pretty reprehensible journalism to do an article about "an edgy Scottish comics writer" and not mention:

1). Grant Morrison 2). The fact that Millar is a hardcore Catholic and how weird that is. He is basically the Mark Helprin of comics.