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We are more strictly a computer magazine and our stories are more hands-on. We have some stories that could have been published on Wired (such as the Cold War computer bit), but the most part of it is too technical for a lifestyle magazine.

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Thanks for the love! We are, of course, very enthusiastic about our magazine, but also realistic - we understand that this is something of a niche product.

However, that niche is much larger internationally than it is in Finland, and our long-term goal is to make this a day job for at least one or two people. $15,000 is not exactly bank bailout money, but that would really help us to get the first issue made and printed and we could then use that to do more marketing.

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I love most of viznut's programming stuff. He's a coding god but he can also turn a complex topic into something easily approachable.

Personally, writing about Cold War computers (Dead Hand etc.) was a cathartic experience. Being a 1980s kid and living next to the Soviet Union, the thought of nuclear war was a really, really scary one. This article somehow got it out of my system. I hope to be able to publish it in English and maybe do a minor update to it at the same time.

I also write the Fail! series for every issue, and it's great fun for me. It seems that the readers also enjoy it.

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Well, we're not expecting the campaign to fail :) The point of the campaign is to raise funds to make a properly translated and edited English version, not only some rushed translations, and of course to increase overall awareness of our magazine.

The Finnish-language Skrolli will remain 100% in Finnish regardless of the outcome of the campaign. We may publish some sample articles in English on our website to support the campaign, but if the campaign fails, the plans for any further English articles will of course be postponed.

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The IndieGoGo page has a tentative cover with some stories that the readers of the Finnish version liked the most, and some that we the editors chose ourselves. Our backers will also have some say in the choice of content.

Anyway, it will be a mix of older and newer technology and different disciplines - DIY, coding, games, culture etc., like we try to achieve in every issue. The best part is that we can now choose from the entire range of articles that have already been published - so it should be a really good issue. In fact, you should probably ensure you get yours.