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As a bisexual man, this camp sounds pretty cool.

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They get six cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with an accredited psychologist to work on their lack of confidence and practice dates.

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You should study the track record of the foster care system before making such incredibly foolish statements.

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Something I am really wondering about, the media reported extensively that protestors were throwing molotov cocktails and looting extensively.

  1. Did you personally see molotov cocktails thrown which were not actually tear gas canisters being thrown back?

  2. Is there any video footage showing these molotov cocktails thrown?

  3. How many people were involved in looting and how many stores were looted? Was it happening every day? Were most protestors involved in it, as the media reports implied?

I am very curious about this because there were constant claims that the military occupation was necessary because of molotov cocktails and looting, yet despite widespread video coverage of the protests I could not find any real information about these molotov cocktails, how many people were involved, what days they were thrown, and whether the persons were arrested.

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Your story is very familiar to me. I consider your description to be common and prototypical of the american foster care experience. This is how the system works for most kids. There are various reasons it works this way, but none of them justify the system as it is. Because it works this way and is defended by its advocates we can reasonably say it's designed to work this way, as a diabolical mechanism of systematic child abuse.

There are perhaps some cases of parental abuse so extreme where taking a child away from its parents and tossing them to the hungry destroyer of souls called foster care is better than the alternative. But not many. In most cases the child is taken from a family that has some problems and put into a situation that is much much worse.

For those that don't understand or believe what L2Forest has just bravely shared here: