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What do you expect to happen with workers demanding unions in response to this crisis?

On the one hand, a lot of essential workers are outraged there's no PPE and other safety things needed to be working on the front lines. There's no paid sick leave. The pay doesn't reflect the essential nature of the work. There's a lot of anger out there that working people aren't really treated as essential, but instead like their lives are disposable.

On the other hand, during a recession people are losing their jobs, having hours cut, it's difficult to find another job if you lost yours and so you feel like you have to cling to what you got and can't take risks. How can you demand a union if you're living in a heightened fear of retaliation due to the economy?

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I have a question for Austan Goolsbee, since he was in the Obama administration.

Let's say, even if it's only at something like a 30-40% chance, that Democrats retake the Senate and the White House. You'd potentially be coming back in during ANOTHER recession. What would you expect Biden and other Democrats to do differently from 2009, what lessons of "oh now we know we should do X economically" would you say?

I agree with the need for funding to states, but that was part of the previous Recovery Act. Is the answer just "bigger?"

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The ACA was supposed to get more people insured and bend the cost curve of healthcare spending. It's been successful on both of those two fronts.