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Yes! I have AERD and started Dupixent in March. LIFE CHANGER. I can taste, smell, breathe, and function without tissues in my pocket or up my nose. My asthma is so much better as well. I haven't been back to the ENT since starting Dupixent because of COVID but I imagine I have either no polyps or some that are very small.

It's a tough process to get approval as it's a last ditch effort kind of drug. You have to have a history of surgeries and medications failing to help you. It took about two months for me to get approval. I've had 3 FESS in the last 10 years.

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Yes, please ask your ENT if you are a good candidate for Dupixent. I can't imagine not being on Dupixent after finally feeling like I have my life back.

It is expensive but don't let that be a barrier. If you apply, the Dupixent "MyWay" program will reduce your monthly copay (some even have $0 copays.)

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I have a 3 part question:

I have AERD/Samter’s and have been isolating myself at home since March because COVID feels like it would be a death sentence for me. I also started Dupixent in March and it’s been a life changer after 19 years of anosmia and 3 FESS.

Is it true that those with AERD/Samter’s are considered high risk?

Am I at an even higher risk of complications and hospitalization because of Dupixent?

Will I have to continue isolating myself until most of the population is vaccinated against COVID because I can’t have a live vaccine while on Dupixent?

Thank you!