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I hope not...what's wrong with renewable energy?

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That was true 10 or 15 years ago but not so much now. The Israelis have been usurped by Russians. They're still there, and still a pain in the arse at that stage in life, but there are far fewer than before. Also the older Israelis are actually very cool travellers The exact opposite of the younger ones.

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It's only expensive because we haven't taken it up on a mass scale. There are various types of renewables and combining makes sense.

As far as base load not being feasible...maybe 10-20 years ago.

Technology is moving along quickly. I personally don't see the point in using nuclear when we don't need to. If it were a coal v nuclear debate, I would think differently just because there would be no option, but since there is, why do it?

You may find these interesting reads, and also from wiki

Among the renewable energy sources, hydroelectric, geothermal,biogas, biomass, solar thermal with storage and ocean thermal energy conversion can provide base load power.



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Thanks for pointing that out. Seems to me that s/he's possibly a stooge from one of the major parties, which I wouldn't mind if he wasn't full of shit like that.

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Has he gone through times where he's questioned his choice of joining, because of disagreeing with whichever administration was in power?