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Alright I have a weird one! I personally don't have any debt, but for 5+ years now I've been getting debt collection calls for someone else. I don't know the person, and I don't know how these companies got my phone number (my telephone exchange was brand new when I got it, so the number never existed before and no one else has ever had it). It will go on for weeks at a time, getting calls maybe once or twice a week, and every time I tell them they have the wrong goddamn number and to remove it from their file and they either insist they'll take me off the call list (then don't) or just hang up. Once I yell at them enough I'll get radio silence for a few months before it starts up again. It drives me bonkers.

So my question is, is this allowed?? Can debt collectors just keep harassing innocent bystanders because someone made a typo in a phone number field once or something? Is there some kind of legal recourse for dealing with this?

Often when I ask where they're calling from they'll tell me they can't disclose that information because I'm not the intended recipient. No shit, stop calling me then!

If you're out there, Rob Wilson, I hate you

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This was great because a) I had never seen it, and b) it reminded me of the existence of ytmnd