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Pete D, I have a few questions if you'd care to answer....

1) What inspired you to make so many moves this last season? The opening night roster was nearly completely different from the closing night roster, something previously unheard of in Sacramento Kings basketball.

2) How close are you with Vivek and Coach Malone? What is the dynamic between you three like? I imagine it is pretty close, probably closer than most GM’s/owners/coaches.

3) We’re not supposed to ask about free agency or draft choices, but hypothetically, which current NBA player would be your first choice to build a team around? In other words, if you had first pick in an entire league-wide expansion draft for the upcoming season, with no protected players, which player would you take and why?

4) There's never been a GM AMA on reddit that I've seen, so I want to ask what a typical day in the life of a GM consists of.

Thanks! And Go Kings! #foreverpurple

midnightvoyager1 karma

Was Prince a routine-oriented guy or did he play fast and loose with how he spent his time?