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You can tell they haven't thought much about the long term. They claim they could maintain their current income into their 70s and 80s. A few hundred a month from a blog and teaching? Ya, no.

What happens when those cheap developing countries are no longer cheap? Plenty of pensioners went off to southeast Asia to live it up on their fixed incomes and guaranteed they aren't living nearly as well as they once we're. This AMA is 100% advertising for their blog to try and drive more traffic to it and thus ad revenue and affiliate kick backs. They are not the type of people anyone that wants to travel full time should be looking up to at all.

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Dang that's a good deal. I thought they normally went for a quarter million.

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Do you consider yourself a prepper (the dooms day type) or was this more of just wanting to live underground because it's something different?

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What are your thoughts on the presidential candidates this year?

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You can get extra pages added to your passport for free.

Having said that, Phil's is probably hella fat.