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Actually, since I'm a student and am following this particular topic for my dissertation on a near daily basis, it wasn't a coincidence at all. It simply came up in a press release via Google Alerts and it's great conduit to a person I would normally never get to address a question. Overall, and as you can imagine, most of the large biotech firms have not been particularly willing to talk to me.

Regardless, I respect your cynicism as a necessary component to keeping both the academic and practical discussion of such sensitive matters healthy and fair.

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Hi Cathy - I'm a grad student in communications studying what effects the anti-GM movement is having on policy, and subsequently food production and sales internationally.

What, if anything, can be done or said to assuage anti-GMO activists and consumers that are still skeptical of the safety of GMO-laden products despite the valid research confirming that the technology has proven to be safe?