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At first I laughed and then I realised it's true and you're not trying to be funny.

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This is such a fantastic and thorough answer. I love hearing the little details that nobody could know except for someone with your experience- like how they react to rain and fires. You say fires (I assume you mean wildfires / forest fires) like this was a regular occurrence, what would be the cause of the fires? How would they get put out?

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Great stories! The photos for Kess and Pepper link to the same image btw.

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I would love it if you could release some b roll or "bloopers" of your time there!

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Yes, this is definitely the go-to price guide for the industry. I just took a brief look at mine and I don't think there is a specific section for the type of games OP does. But when I do in house contract work I just go hourly.