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Sasha Grey?

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Shaq is rich. The white dude that signs his paycheck is WEALTHY.

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The FCC created a policy about a week ago preventing states from setting policies that would supersede the repeal, and other future actions as well.

Edit: Source- https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/11/fcc-will-also-order-states-to-scrap-plans-for-their-own-net-neutrality-laws/

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The short answer would be enforcement. States legalizing cannabis are hedging their bets that the US Attorney General will not instruct the DEA to enforce those laws for recreational possession/use. The FCC is it's own enforcer, and will certainly protect and serve the shit outta their ISP overlords.

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Another part of this (I'm guessing) is that given the time horizon, the prosecutors now are judges or politicians and really don't want these things affecting the conviction rates and/or impacting any campaigning they're doing.