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mickenrorty64 karma

How do you KNOW how data is stored? Is it a trust based system?

mickenrorty20 karma

Even if it was open source, is it really possible to verify that the open source code made available to you is the exact same binary as what’s on the app stores?

mickenrorty7 karma

Pretty sure it’s not the same as say downloading a VLC binary, the app stores encrypt their binaries... surely?

mickenrorty5 karma

Incorrect, as the binaries on the store are ‘signed’ with a crt pub/private key

mickenrorty2 karma

Lol if you can’t reliably know you have the same build then given government history we can assume that the code they provide as open source is not necessarily the same as the code they use... making a lot of the work these people are doing somewhat redundant :(