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michaelwarren21 karma

piggy-backing off this question, I was just wondering when/if you plan to officially register with the FEC, because when I last checked, you weren't.

Full disclosure: It has been a week or so since I last checked.

Also, you will be splitting the anti-Lamar vote whether you see it that way or not. Having two candidates that oppose Smith will make it such that Lamar has to win by a smaller percentage than if he were only running against one candidate. Unless you win the anti-smith vote by a landslide, you'll be splitting the vote most likely pretty evenly with Mack and lowering the percentage of the popular vote that Lamar has to get to be re-elected.

michaelwarren12 karma

There is already an effort underway to unseat Lamar Smith. Head on over to /r/testpac and you'll see what we're gearing up for and the steps we've already taken! If you can donate money, time, or effort, then we'd love to have you join the cause!