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mi470-6 karma

hi, Kate! congratulations on the new album. i find myself more captivated with every listen. truly amazing stuff that you, Dan, and Rick came up with here.

a couple questions: 1. since both of you have worked with Rick, and performed at Dismaland a few years ago, would you ever consider collaborating with Run The Jewels? 2. when working on anything, be it music, poetry, plays, a novel, any sort of performance piece like Brand New Ancients, how do you determine what artistic medium works best for your content? do you select the medium first and then cater the content to its structure, or does its form start to take shape/become more clear with the passage of time? 3. what advice would you give to someone who wants to put their ideas down into some form of art, but has trouble trying to find the exact words to say, or to put it another way, can't properly convey their own voice? how does one sort through all their thoughts and words so the end product doesn't feel like word vomit?