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I am also a teacher in a right-to-work state. The union which is usually pretty weak, asks all teachers who are resigning due to their district's Covid policies, register with them first. I think it's so they can fight things like sanctions against your certification for job abandonment during a contract year. Do you find this also where you are?

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Teachers are on contracts for a school year, if they quit their job without the district finding a replacement for them it's job or contract abandonment. Where I teach the sanctions for that is a one-year suspension of your certification.

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All I can say is that I do not trust that my district to make teacher health and safety a priority. And I'm prepared to quit if the arrangements they've made are not acceptable. We are supposed to resume in-person classes on Sept 10th. We are in a COVID hotspot and the mayor of our city has issued a shelter in place order until December. My school, while located in the city proper, belongs to a district that is not part of the city schools system.

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The problem there is Essential Academic kids are also often those whose health conditions make them more vulnerable to serious complications from contracting Covid.

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They should destroy me.