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hey brother Remember to get checked out for PTSD when you finish your tour. I toughed it out forever till finally reaching the point where I needed help. I was suffering from severe anxiety, literally feeling like I was dying nearly everyday and it wasnt until a good family friend suggested I get screened that I was able to get a grip with help. I never thought I could have it but I did and apparently have had it fir 20+ yrs.

I strongly suggest all combat vets get checked out, because if a psychologist like myself couldnt self diagnose it, most likely an average joe couldn't.

In the MOS you're in, its especially easy to keep up the courageous veneer, but PTSD can happen to anyone at anytime.

God bless you and I pray for your safe return.

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I appreciate the work you're doing Scott.

I'm a combat vet with PTSD. It took me a while to go seek help. I didnt know what was happening to me - and I'm a psychologist to boot.

I strongly recommend all vets to go get evaluated. If a highly educated and trained individual like myself could miss it then surely people without that training may need professional help.

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Is there any psychological training involved?

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What's one thing that you do, that a less successful composer doesn't do? Is there something you think NEEDS to be a part of the average day for someone who has not become a Kevin MacLeod?

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Katz Delicatessen!! haha thats great

I love it myself