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Where I live, one of the best ways for a land lord to get money is through Section 8. You end up with some sketchy people, but you also have a guaranteed portion of rent every month.

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Are there some properties that are too gross for you to sell with a clean conscious? To put this in perspective for us, where would properties that had black mold OR bed bugs be in the spectrum of properties?

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I'm from New England and a lot of folks here do dairy and beef. Usually have about 20 head of dairy, and I'm not sure how many beef.

Most of these small places are family or couple run, have CSA programs, and also grow some crops. If you want to see multiple models for this, just come visit Vermont, New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

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Yeah, this is some of what my family has done, and it can go well, or super terribly.

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As a young EMT in the US, do you have any recommendations for getting into international disaster relief work?