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It's, like, the king of all planets.

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Regarding battery power, how long does it last on one charge and how big is it? what happens if you run out of juice? :o

i can barely keep my smart phone running all day without plugging it into the wall...

thank you for your time!

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First off, thank you for doing this!

How are the photos chosen? As the editor, does this responsibility fall to you?

I'll add I'm an amateur photographer and that site is remarkably inspiring when it comes to my creative needs. The picture size has a lot to do with it. It's so refreshing to get a nice, big look at something. Oh, and I loved the series that gave before/afters (it was a disaster piece I believe).

Nice work! :)

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And the filters have to be replaced. Sounds like a relevant tactic to me even with masks.