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On a scale of 1-1000 how good are you at Kerbal Space Program?

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Hi there, is your Reddit username referencing the hearthstone card?

I've been a long time MMORPG player- started out with UO and runescape classic back in the day, but over time MMORPGs lost their charm for me. So one day I wrote down the aspects that were important to me in an MMORPG and searched for that game, I found none that matched. I've repeated this search every 6 months for the past 5+ years, playing a ton of MMORPGs along the way and nothing has arrived. Why do you think no one wants to create a game that caters to me?

The key elements I desire are:

  • interesting skill based combat (not tab-target, but Tera's system got old fast too, the best game for this was C9)

  • RNG based loot system (Think D3/PoE, this adds so much to a game for me)

  • An intricate levelling system (PoE was very good at this again)

  • open world

And that's it.

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Hi, first off just want to say I have the utmost respect for what you do.

I take from the title and description that you are specialised in medicine rather than surgery, has there ever been a time you wished you had gone the surgical route instead?

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Have you ever won a case and succesfully gotten a child back for a parent, where you think the child might have been better off if you had not won?