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You still use fark?

edit: to those who don't know www.fark.com was a proto reddit. It was a news aggregator/link submiting websit and contemporary competitor to Digg back in the days. The biggest difference is that on Fark moderators have to approve all the content submissions and there's only a handful of channels and topics you can talk about. It's also tied much closer to the founder Drew Curtis and kinda run more like a small online community than a modern giant platform like reddit.

Imagine reddit but only with like 10 default subs and the mods have all the control. I feel like Fark and reddit hate eachother, I also feel like reddit doesn't care they are 1000X the size now and frankly many people have complained that Fark has gone down hill. It's one of those weird old web 1.0 day relics.

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when I worked at a national lab they would have gone bonkers over an easter egg. Our spreadsheets had to be validated, qualified etc etc.

Boring ISO types don't want undocumented features.

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No, it's a common myth that they all have unicycles.

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Not animosity no. But I'm black and I've never been stared at more in my life. I kind of knew that when I went over here, but a lot of these people have never met an american let alone a black guy so they just stare the fuck out of me, or leer and giggle. It's okay though. lots of people want to take a picture with me or touch my hair. A few locals have bought me beer or offered me vodka or chacha(bathtub vodka)

The guys I worked with are all cool and super helpful, they joke with us and are cool to work with. Russians are known for being cold at first, but warm up once you know them.

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I don't want to give false hope, but I had a nut allergy and prick testing showed I was 100% deathly allergic to it, die on contact.

Turns out I just had very sensitive skin and prick testing was innaccurate. While I certainly can't eat it some of them and will get violently ill, I won't go into shock.