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Is there a doctor or companion that you particularly enjoyed writing for?

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Don't feel anything is wrong, just want to be off early or unsupervised. I hate calling every day to see if I have to test. It is just so stressful even when i have been law abiding and stayed away from alcohol. Is there anything POs look for when agreeing someone should be unsupervised or let off probation early?

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When should I get my lawyer to suggest this to the court and how should I go about it? I'm in Colorado btw.

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I am on probation currently for DWAI. I have been good about not failing tests and all my court costs an fines were paid off on day one. I am trying to get off of probation early or into unsupervised probation just because the daily call/threat of a UA is quite stressful. How can I be upstanding in their eyes and get off early?

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The motion has not been filed. I have only been on probation 2 months. I have attended classes regularly, got a job, passed all UAs, and am doing my community service this weekend. Just wondering when is a good time to bring it up to my PO. Not looking for legal advice just don't want to try to get unsupervised too early and never get it or wait too long to try to get it.